White Supremacy & The Far-Right


White Supremacists see other people through the lens of group identity.
They see a White person walking the other way down the street, they think to themselves "They're one of us, they're like me, they're a good egg."
They see a Black person walking the other way, they think unspeakable, contemptuous, perhaps murderous thoughts.
Why? Because of that Black person's group identity - their 'Blackness'. Their 'team colours'.

As you move towards the right of the political spectrum, a person's worldview is one of the individual as an autonomous entity,
endowed with specific Rights (which may or may not be God-given) and free to pursue their goals. As you move more and more to the left,
individualism gives way to collectivism, and group identity (and a Big State).
From the perspective of someone on the left, you ARE your group identity.
This is evident in the current climate of 'identity politics', where your legitimacy is intimately intertwined with your identitarian characteristics
(race, gender expression, sexuality, and so forth). The Left sees everybody through the lens of the group or groups a person belongs to,
or identifies with.
On the left, collectivism and group identity. On the right, individualism and autonomy, each of us a whole, separate person with agency.
Anarcho-Capitalism, for example, belongs on the far right. I myself am not for "unfettered" capitalism. I like my capitalism sensibly "fettered",
with legitimately necessary legislation and oversight of corporations, trade, and other trading entities.

Some White Supremacists apparently do espouse anarcho-capitalism, but saying "Aha! That makes them far-right!" is like saying I'm right-wing (I'm not, at all), because I support the protection of individual rights, especially, but not limited to, a person's right to pursue happiness.
I also think sensible laws, put on the books, should be enforced to protect the vulnerable, which in any given situation can be anyone, from the more lizard-y of my lizard-brained fellow humans.
I also believe in universal health care (a must in any society with the resources to provide it - charitable organisations can help the rest of the World's citizens for now), substantial investment in Welfare and other social programs aimed at the poor and vulnerable (especially children and the bone-creakers), and gay marriage, which thankfully we have in the leading nations, and true gay rights are slowly gaining traction around the world.

If a White Supremacist sees other people entirely through the lens of group identity or affiliation, and believes in an authoritarian, State-mandated displacement of entire groups of people (specifically in this case, along racial lines), how is that in any way aligned with the right-wing values of constitutionally-(or God-)mandated limits on State power and the protection of inalienable individual rights?

I put it to you that the modern world's conflation of Fascism (and so it follows, White Supremacy) with the far right of the political spectrum is a bad-faith agenda from the ranks of Academia, populated since at least the early part of the 20th century by communists and crypto-communists (they call themselves socialists; they actually know what socialism is, so they know they make the claim in bad faith), who have controlled the cultural narrative from that point onwards.
Fascism is Big State Collectivism. It differs from Communism essentially only on minor issues of semantics - the the economic and social structures such a State would manifest for the People.
Ask yourself this, if you were a communist, and perhaps also Jewish, or pro-Jewish (as I am), and you controlled the narrative, where would you place your enemies on the political spectrum relative to you? Would you acknowledge their actual position adjacent to your value system on the far left, or would you place them at the other end, in diametric opposition?

White Supremacists are generally Big State Collectivists (and extremely Authoritarian), as are Fascists (such as the Nazis), so then surely they are positioned at the Big State Collectivism end of the political spectrum - the far left.

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